Our entire product line is freshly made using traditional techniques and recipes. Once cooked, these delicious snacks are hygienically sealed and packed by our automated packing plant, maintaining maximum freshness and quality.

Gram Flour


Small pieces of crunchy noodles, made from gram flour

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Spicy Sev

Spiced, pieces of small crunchy noodles

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Sev Mumra

A mix of crunchy noodles and puffed rice

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Droplet sized crispy indian snack

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Masala Boondi

Spiced droplet sized indian snack

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Nylon Sev

Very fine noodle type snack made from gram flour

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Chaat Puri

Mini sized puri made from wheat flour

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Papdi Gathiya

Traditional crispy Gujarati snack made from gram flour

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Fuli Gathiya

Traditional Gujarati snack made in a long spiral shape

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Tikha Gathiya

Crunchy spicy, snack made from gram flour

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Papdi Sanchar

Traditional spicy crispy Gujarati snack

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Masala Papdi

Light and crunchy Gujarati snack with black pepper

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Ajwain Muri Gathiya

Crunchy snack spiced with black salt

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Bhavnagari Gathiya

Thin crunchy snack

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Garlic Gathiya

Crunchy garlic snack

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Savoury Mix

Bombay Mix

Famous all over the world, the Original flavours from Bombay

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Chevda Hot

Famous spicy savoury mix

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Chevda Mild

Famous mild savoury mix

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Cornflake Chevda

A savoury mix with crunchy cornflakes

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Gujarat Mix

A mix of all the flavours from Gujarat

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Punjab Mix

A mix of flavours from the Punjab

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Sev Mung Beans

Crunchy noodles with mung beans

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Ready Mix Bhel

A mix of crunchy noodles, puffed rice and peanuts

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Split Chick Peas, polished and spiced

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Green Peas

Spiced green peas ready to eat

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Chick Peas

Ready to eat spiced Chick Peas

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Mildy spiced mix of green masoor and noodles

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Mung Beans

Spiced Mung beans ready to eat

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